Students at Virginia Tech unveil future home

BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10) - It's a revolutionary prototype for the home of the future.

Virginia Tech's student and faculty research team designed the rooms of FutureHAUS by focusing on how advanced technology and appliances can be built in our homes.

"We're looking to make the future of building so the cartridge system is going to be a more efficient and sustainable way of building when it comes to efficiency, and dealing with weather, time management and things along those lines," explained Virginia Tech student Brandi Wagenhosfer.

The innovative team also wanted to make the rooms more responsive using advanced technology.

"Instead of grabbing your laptop to look up a recipe, or going through cookbooks you can have that server right on the table, and it's very smooth you don't have to stop to look down. It's all right in front of you," said Virginia Tech student Elise Smith.

Other highlights of the future house final phase include flex space, smart closet and a mixed reality home office.

A cartridge-built home meant for a more sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable way of living.