FERC holds public hearing in Nelson County to help determine future of Atlantic Coast Pipeline

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NELSON COUNTY (WSLS 10) - More than 100 Central Virginians went to Nelson County High School on Wednesday night to have their voices heard on the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

This was one of the last public hearings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission releases its final report and recommendation on the pipeline.

"I think it is very wrong for Dominion or any other energy company to be forcing themselves on unwanting, unwilling landowners," said Sharon Ponton, who opposes the pipeline.

"I think that we should be investing in future technologies, not old outdated technologies that don't serve our purpose," explained Natasha Copson, who also opposes the pipeline.

Meanwhile, others who attended the meeting support the pipeline and argued that the environmental concerns are overblown and that the pipeline will create jobs.

"My message would be that pipeline people are just normal blue-collar workers trying to make a living and take care of their families. We respect the land and we are always prideful of the way we leave it," said Ted Dinch, who supports the pipeline.

Another meeting will be held Thursday night at the Holiday Inn Staunton Conference Center at 5 p.m.