Lynchburg Fire Department will figure out way to keep families safe while making budget

Lynchburg considering a 2 percent cut in city services

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The top firefighter in the Hill City believes he can figure out a way to keep families safe while making budget. Last week, 10 News told you that Lynchburg is considering a 2 percent cut in city services.

That means eight firefighters would lose their jobs. For perspective, that is the equivalent of aking an engine or ladder truck out of service every day. The interim fire chief for says that, right now, all 179 positions in the department are fully staffed. 

"You know, losing eight staff members can certainly impact our service delivery and how we deliver service every day. I am confident in the fact that working with City Council and city leadership that we'll be able to come to a common ground about where we need to be as far as our staffing levels and budgetary constraints,” Interim Fire Chief Greg Wormser said. 

The Lynchburg Fire Department has an academy going on right now to replace retired firefighters.