Specialist hired to promote positive aspects of Danville Schools

Specialist currently assessing district's strategy for marketing positive news

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville Public Schools is making a new effort to promote the positive things happening within the school system.

A community engagement specialist has been hired.

Ann Moore-Sparks has been on the job for about two weeks and has been meeting with teachers to learn about programs and initiatives they're working on.

She said positive news doesn't often get talked about.

She believes promoting positive news is important for the whole city.

"We do have a tendency to put news out there that is less flattering that gets followed by a lot of people, but that may not be the reality," Moore-Sparks said.

"We have so much good stuff going on within our schools. It affects the whole community. It affects student performance, it affects economic development. It affects everything for our community, including jobs."

The district's international baccalaureate program, its partnership with Danville Community College and the precision machining lab at George Washington High School are the three major things she hopes to promote.