Carilion Clinic halts plans Shenandoah Life property for now

ROANOKE, Va.- – After developers backed out of building apartments on part of the Shenandoah Life property, Carilion Clinic is also holding off for now. 

The hospital owns the property located on Brambleton Avenue near Fishburn Park. A developer out of North Carolina wanted to build a complex of about 200 apartments.

This move was met with lots of opposition from neighbors of the property because of what it could do the woodlands.

From Mike Dame, vice president, Marketing & Communications, Carilion Clinic

We face an ever-present challenge when it comes to community development - navigating between preserving the things we love in our community and welcoming development from investors. We truly need both to remain a thriving region, and we recognize that our actions will not always please everyone.
There are no plans for the property at this point. Neighbors and community members are welcome to share their ideas by email to parkview@carilionclinic.org.