Mother of 7-month-old Danville girl rescued after Amber Alert speaks

Baby's father, 51-year-old Carl Kennedy, charged

DANVILLE, Va. – When asked how she was feeling Wednesday, 7-month-old Emma Kennedy's mother, Kristen Murphy, didn't hesitate and said "Amazing" as she held her daughter in her arms.

Wednesday's interview was the first and only one she planned to do now that her daughter is safe and the man charged with abducting her is behind bars.

"I broke down, but the best feeling in the world was when I walked through that hospital door and she squealed because she recognized me. That was the best feeling in the world to be able to hear her squeal," Murphy said, recalling the moment she was reunited with her daughter Tuesday at the hospital in Randolph County, North Carolina.

Murphy said she broke down when she saw her daughter for the first time since she was abducted Sunday night by her father at a Danville gas station, according to Danville police.

Danville police have charged 51-year-old Carl Kennedy with abduction and domestic assault.

They say he physically assaulted Murphy at the gas station parking lot before taking Emma.

Carl and Emma were found at a home in Randolph County, North Carolina, early Tuesday afternoon thanks to a tip from a citizen.

The tip ended a two day, multistate manhunt by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

"What's next for Emma and I?" Murphy asked rhetorically. "I hope whatever's best for Emma's benefit. I plan on getting a job and saving up and getting on our feet and just resuming life as normal. I honestly am not sure if I'm going to discuss this with Emma. When I'm ready, and I feel like she will be able to hear that, because I'm really not sure how to handle that situation."

She said she can't say thank you enough to everyone involved in bringing Emma home safe.

"I'm beyond blessed and (thankful). I guess (I) send my support to everybody that gave me love and support, strangers who I didn't know. It really opens your eyes to the ability of people to love and care about people who aren't necessarily in their lives," Murphy said.

Kennedy was in court in Randolph County Wednesday for unrelated charges.

He will eventually be extradited back to Danville, but an extradition date had not been set as of Wednesday.

"As far as what happens to him, that's beyond my control," Murphy said. "I just hope whatever's beneficial to Emma's raising is what i want to happen."

Once he is brought back to Danville, Danville police will officially serve him with the warrants for his charges.

In the meantime, he will remain behind bars in North Carolina and the investigation into the incident will continue.