Local young woman undergoes kidney transplant after car messages, classifieds to find donor

ROANOKE, Va. – It's an exciting update to a story we brought you on Daytime Blue Ridge. 

19-year-old Lexi Hurley and her mom Trish Farris have been desperately searching for a kidney, and they found a donor. 

Lexi was diagnosed with a kidney disease when she was 9 years old, and a transplant at 16 failed.  Recently, Lexi had been going to dialysis a few times a week while they searched for a donor, using flyers, classified ads and a written message on a car, which went viral. 

On Tuesday, Lexi and her mom were notified that a donor had been found, so Wednesday she braved surgery for the transplant. Farris says the donor was someone who hadn't seen the messages, but she is still thankful for the community's support. 

Lexi will face a long recovery process but her mom says she's prepared.

We will continue to follow her story.