Roanoke libraries sharing picture perfect holiday gifts this season

Libraries providing free holiday photo sessions

ROANOKE, Va. – Christmas is two weeks away and for a lot of people it's the happiest time of the year.

Roanoke City libraries are doing their part to spread joy with a picture perfect offering putting smiles on faces all night long.

Memories, well some are just priceless. And holiday memories, those are the ones you just shouldn't have to live without.

"We want to offer things to people that they would not have opportunities otherwise to receive," libraries community services assistant Macklyn Mosley said. "So sometimes photography is expensive, we're offering an opportunity so that they don't have to pay for it."

Partnering with Sunnyography, the master behind the lense, anyone who wants to get in, can. This is her passion and she's happy to share it.

"People love memories and Christmas is something you love remembering growing up so even when you're older you still love it," Sunny Wasiela said.

It's the second year doing it and the numbers continue to grow. This year however, libraries are pairing it with holiday cafe nights that feature music and free food.

The Preston family came out Tuesday night prepared with big smiles, and to mom, it means the world.

 "It makes me feel like you know I'm doing something with them or kind of gives me inspiration or you know gives me a boost that you know you're not that bad of a mom as you think you are you're doing good you're trying," Shari Preston said.

Life is busy, and these days getting everyone together with matching jammies can be tougher than finding the perfect gift.

"It encourages people too because sometimes you're just stuck on social media and we just see oh my family is doing this with a selfie but it's a whole another thing when you actually can bring you family together and so there's many ways and that's one of them," Mosley said.

Not everyone needs the helping hand, but for those that do benefit, working with a professional brings dignity. And like the holiday spirit, that's something that's for everyone.


12/13 - Gainsboro Branch Library 
12/18 - Raleigh Court Branch Library 
12/19 - Melrose Branch Library

All family photos will begin at 6pm. While we do not ask for registration beforehand, it is on a first come, first serve basis. Photos are solely for families or individuals. Each family will receive a digital collection of photos after photos are taken and edited. Please contact us at 540-853-1057 for more information!

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