Founder of Help Save The Next Girl gives comfort in courtroom to families of murder victims

ROANOKE, Va. – Nine years after the murder of Morgan Harrington, her mother is helping other families of similar crimes. 

Gil Harrington says the courtroom can be a very intimidating place for victims families. Through her organization, Help Save The Next Girl, Harrington is often seen sitting with those who have lost a loved one to a gruesome crime providing victim and family outreach.

Since her daughter was killed, Harrington has attended six murder trials. 

"We establish relationships with families along the way. And if we feel it may be appropriate or beneficial to attend the trial,  you don't want to add burden you want to help shoulder the burden for them," said Gil Harrington.

Harrington was there to provide comfort to Heather Heyer's mother, Susan Bro, during the trial of James Fields Jr. in Charlottesville. She also sat with Nicole Lovell's mother during the Eisenhauer trial in Montgomery County.