Northam's team 'attacking' Fairfax, PAC says

Groups are calling for Northam to resign amid scandal


A political action committee is now asserting that Gov. Ralph Northam's team is "attacking" Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax by "spreading lies."

The Collective PAC focuses on recruiting, training and funding black candidates who are running for office on the local, state and federal level. Fairfax, who is black, has had their support in the past. 

Fairfax has come into the spotlight amid calls for Northam to resign, since Fairfax would be his successor. 

Sunday night, a conservative website featured a woman who says Fairfax sexually assaulted her at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Fairfax denies the claim and says he will pursue legal action.

Now, a PAC is taking up for Fairfax. 

"We've...learned through various sources that Governor Northam's team and advisors have now decided to start attacking Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax by spreading lies to reporters and state leaders in an attempt to quell support for the Lt. Governor as Governor Northam's impending successor should he resign," the PAC stated. 

The PAC called the alleged attack "pathetic" and "entirely beneath of office of governor." It is also warning people to expect more "factless lies" about Fairfax in the days to come.