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Gang rivalry may be behind recent gun violence in Danville

17 year-old killed March 10, 24 year-old shot multiple times March 16

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DANVILLE, Va. – Less than a week after the 700 block of Arnett Boulevard was filled with crime scene tape and investigators as 17-year-old Hakeem King lay shot to death in the street in broad daylight, a 24-year-old man nearly met the same fate one street over.

"It didn't appear to be random," Danville Police Department Capt. Henry Richardson said about the shooting on Glendale Avenue around 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

Richardson said if the two shootings do end up being connected, Saturday's shooting would be considered retaliation.

"There are some familial and friendship connections between our victim of this second incident and some of the folks involved in the homicide and the suspects in that case," Richardson said. "We're running down all those connections and leads. We certainly haven't ruled out that that is our only angle."

Richardson said investigators are focused on what he calls "a small amount of pretty bad folks."

He didn't give a specific number, but said at most 50 people.

"The two groups that are going at each other would be on opposite sides. They're opposition gangs. Some, they bring along associates. Some are full-fledged, have actually done the process of being a true gang member," Richardson said.

He wouldn't name the gangs, saying he didn't want to give them any credibility.

The fact that the two shootings happened a block apart from each other is a coincidence.

"They could run into each other in different areas," Richardson said. "Unfortunately, these two incidents have happened very close to each other."

He doesn't know what, if any, one incident may have started all of this, but said King's death has certainly stirred up a lot of emotions.

Ladreka Brandon and Antonio Burton have been arrested and charged in connection with King's death.

Justin Jones is wanted.

As of Monday, no suspects had been named in Saturday's shooting.

Richardson said that, as of Monday, investigators did not believe Jones was involved with Saturday's shooting.