Clean Valley Riverfest celebrates Roanoke River with recycling, rubber ducks

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke residents went down to the riverside Saturday to celebrate the importance of the Roanoke River.

The second annual Clean Valley Riverfest set up shop next to the river at Smith Park and paid tribute to the environment. The event featured a fleet of competing boats made from recyclable materials and about 15,000 rubber ducks floating down the river.

The Clean Valley Council organized the event. Executive Director Mary Ann Brenchick says the goal is to inspire people to keep the Roanoke River clean by showcasing how beautiful and vital it is.

 "We're all about the Roanoke River and our region, so we want to be right here touching it for Riverfest," Brenchick said. "People may not make the connection between the river and the Roanoke Valley if they're off somewhere else."

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