Roanoke hair salon not charging for services, pay what you can

All services are free, but donations are accepted

Nissi Salon will not charge for services.

ROANOKE – Pay what you can to get your hair done. That is the new policy at Nissi Salon in Roanoke off Orange Avenue.

Andrea Martin owns the salon. She is still operating the salon as a business but will not charge for services.

"All of our hair services are 100% free. We're not doing a catered menu to that. We want people to have the very best service from the moment they walk in until they leave," said Martin.

People can give donations.

She said the salon is her ministry and she often prays with clients. She wants them to feel loved when they leave.      

"I went through through some abuse in my childhood and had a troubled teen life and adult life. It was when I found God that I was able to come to peace with all of that and get healing and ultimately it's what I used to help other people to encourage them that you can have peace. You don't have to be a wounded person, you can use what you've been through to empower and inspire other people," said Martin.

She wants others to use their experiences to empower and inspire others.

The free services started Monday.

"I know a lot of people that this will be so wonderful for. My daughter, for instance, she's always had a very rough time most of her life and she can't afford to ever get her hair done so this would be an amazing opportunity for her maybe to feel better about herself," customer Linda Webb said.

You can donate after you get your hair done or just come in and donate so someone else can get a little pampering.

"Most people that come in are pretty emotional about something in their life or have gone through a hard time or are just dealing with something and so what happens when they sit in my chair is I typically feel led by God to speak to them about whatever they're going through and I pray for them. A lot of people testified that they feel different when they leave and they feel blessed when they leave," said Martin.

"I've watched her grow over the years. When I first started coming to her, she was a little bit of a party girl, but she's transformed into a really amazing woman of God," said Webb.

Martin's already had people come in who wouldn't have been able to pay for a haircut.

You can call Nissi Salon at (540) 206-4104.

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