Liberty University students have huge pillow fight on campus

Two students organize fight

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Some Liberty University students used a generous donation to have some fun Wednesday.

Dozens of students had a pillow fight outside the student union Wednesday evening.

The creator of My Pillow donated 12,000 pillows to students Wednesday.

Sophomore Conner Menefee and junior Clayton Didinsky organized the pillow fight.

They said they posted about it on social media and word quickly spread.

"I figured that I wanted to have a pillow fight, so I created the event, and I sent it to (Conner)," Didinsky said.

"I have a meme page here at Liberty. I saw his message to me, and I thought: 'Why not post it? See if people are interested.' So I did, not thinking many people would actually go to it. Then, Liberty University's Instagram (account) picked it up," Menefee said.

Liberty's president also tweeted out a video with him and the My Pillow creator, telling students he approved the fight.