Law enforcement officers awarded for drunken driving arrests

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Virginia honors more than 40 officers, troopers

VINTON, Va. – Dozens of law enforcement officers dedicated to stopping drunken driving now have a new honor to put in their trophy rooms.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Virginia and the Alcohol Safety Action Program organized an awards banquet at the Vinton War Memorial for officers who excelled at spotting and arresting drunken drivers. The organizations handed out plaques to more than 40 officers and troopers from central and southwest Virginia.

Chris Konschak, of MADD Virginia, says he hopes would-be drunken drivers look at the banquet as a reason to keep their car keys out of the ignition.

"We're awarding officers for arresting a lot of people," Konschak said. "If you make the decision to go out and drive impaired, there's a good chance you're going to be caught. There's no need to be caught. You just need to plan ahead and not drink and drive."

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