Feel Good Tour in Roanoke celebrates instruments given away to students, adults

ROANOKE, Va.- – It's music for a good cause. The Feel Good Tour is marking its 14th anniversary with a night of celebration.  

The 3rd Street Coffeehouse, which is inside Trinity United Methodist Church in Roanoke hosted a free concert Thursday with musicians from around southwest Virginia. Kids from area recreation centers were part of the audience. 

Staff members said they've given away 402 instruments to kids who could not otherwise afford them. 

"Tonight is more bringing some of the kids that we've already given things too, let them celebrate. Give them some of our music and let the community know music is a joy and were going to try to give some of it back," said Al Coffey.

Some of the music features music by Kat Mills, Steve Guidus, Joel Stopka, Jonathan Barker, Jo Jo Stockton, Billy C. Hurt Jr., Rarely Available Band and Bill Hudson. 

Background:  Founded in 2005 by Bill Hudson and Guy Nouri to provide free musical instruments to kids in need. 
To date we have given over 402 instruments to 4 Gulf Coast schools and Two in WV and two community centers in Roanoke, VA
and to individuals in need. 
We accept musical instruments from donors and we evaluate them and have repairs done as needed to make sure that they are playable when given.
For information on us please go to, https://unitedpeacerelief.org/feel-good-tour/

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