Danville apartment complex, hit hard by Tropical Storm Michael, still recovering

Many apartments still need a lot of work

DANVILLE, Va. – One year after Tropical Storm Michael, the Colonial Heights apartment complex in Danville still has a long road to recovery.

The storm caused millions of dollars of damage in Virginia and killed five people.

Two people died in Danville and one each in Charlotte and Pittsylvania County.

The body of one of the victims swept away by the flooding in Danville was found in a creek near the Colonial Heights complex.

Some of the apartments have been mostly remodeled, but many still need a lot of work.

Angie Baldwin owns the complex and said the past year has not been easy.

"It's been a struggle. It's been a challenge. It's been overwhelming. It's been exhausting," she said. "But, there's also been good parts to it. You learn a lot of things; you try to find the good and you try to find the opportunity, the silver lining. With some of the rebuild, it's given me an opportunity to put my personal stamp on things."

She has flood insurance, but it does not cover all of the damage.

"Once you max out on coverage, that's it. They don't give you anything else," Baldwin said. "Three of the buildings (in the complex) maxed out on coverage."

A house that is part of the complex also maxed out on coverage.

When the Small Business Administration representatives came to Danville after the storm to help people apply for loans for recovery, she met with them, but she says the offer was not helpful.

"They offered me 7.3 percent interest. That's not a disaster loan. That's not assistance."

Whatever her insurance has not covered, she's had to cover out of pocket.

She declined to say Friday how much all of the damage has cost her.

As for when all of the damaged units will be livable again, she's hopeful that day will come within the next year.