Trump’s physicians say he could be discharged ‘as early as’ Monday

Doctors said they gave him Dexamethasone

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BETHESDA, Md. – President Donald Trump’s medical team from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center provided an update on his condition Sunday morning.

His physicians held another press conference Saturday morning where they said he was doing “very well” and they were “extremely happy” with how he’s improving.

“Since we spoke last, the president has continued to improve,” said Dr. Sean Conley as he began the conference.

Update on President Trump's health from his doctors

President Donald Trump’s medical team from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center will provide an update on his condition Sunday morning.

Posted by WSLS 10 / on Sunday, October 4, 2020

Conley explained that Trump had two instances where his oxygen saturation dropped on Saturday. He said in one instance, Trump’s oxygen saturation levels dropped to below 94% but returned back up.

His doctors said they provided him Dexamethasone, a corticosteroid used in a wide range of conditions for its anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant effects. However, Conley didn’t discuss what the findings of Trump’s lungs were.

Dr. Sean Dooley said the president has not been complaining about shortness of breath or any other respiratory issues.

Trump was adamant he didn’t need supplemental oxygen with his high fever even though he was offered it, according to the medical team.

When asked about the conflicting information given by the team yesterday and the president’s Chief of Staff Mike Meadows, Conley said the two of them work side-by-side. He said that when Meadows referred to the 24 hours where Trump’s vital were concerning, he was allegedly talking about Trump’s temporary high fever before they expediently brought him to the hospital.

Dr. Brian Garibaldi from John Hopkins said the president completed his second transfusion of Remdesivir and they have been monitoring any side effects from that.

Conley said that Trump is still without a fever since Friday.

Garibaldi also states that Trump could be discharged from Walter Reed medical center “as early as tomorrow” if his condition supports it.

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