Attorney hired to represent Michael Brown issuing plea for him to surrender

Deborah Caldwell-Bono hired to represent Brown

ROANOKE, Va. – Friends of Michael Brown, the Marine at the center of a manhunt, have hired attorney Deborah Caldwell-Bono to represent him.

Caldwell-Bono is asking her client, who’s wanted on a charge of second-degree murder in Franklin County, to surrender.

She wants to remind Brown that he has support from family and friends who want to help him navigate this difficult situation.

“He knows who has always been there for him. Particularly, his friends have hired me to represent him, to be there with him when he turns himself in,” said Caldwell-Bono. “We don’t want to have anything happen to him.”

During her conversation with 10 News, Caldwell-Bono said Brown could contact his friends or her office if he wants to get her cell phone number.

“I’m just asking for him to please know ... that he does have support, he does have help, and to please turn himself in and I will be there for him to help him. We want to see this end peacefully," said Caldwell-Bono.

She also told 10 News that she has been in contact with Brown’s friends for several days and that the paperwork for her retainer was submitted Thursday morning.

According to the most recent information Caldwell-Bono received from police, authorities believe Brown is still alive.

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