Lynchburg parents respond to school board’s decision to have 100% virtual start to school

Students start remotely on Aug. 24

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Some Lynchburg parents said it’s going to be a community effort to help make virtual learning work for all students.

COVID-19 cases are going up in the Hill City and that’s why school board members voted seven to one on Tuesday night to have all students start remotely on Aug. 24.

Samantha Citty said she and her husband both work.

Their oldest will be with his dad, who’s a teacher for Lynchburg City Schools (LCS), because the district is providing child care for staff.

The difficult part is making arrangements for their youngest who’s supposed to be starting preschool this year.

“So, we are having to figure out accommodations for my youngest who’s supposed to be in preschool with Lynchburg City Schools. We have options, at least, and we’re going to make it work,” Citty said.

Citty said not all parents are fortunate as her. She said it will take a community effort to make virtual learning work but she believes the school district made the right decision.

“I think we, as a Lynchburg community, really need to step up. Help our parents out whether that means providing internet resources, electronics, or whatever may be. Places for learning because this is a community impact. We need to step up and help our parents,” Citty said.

To learn more about the plan and to watch the meeting click here.