How a 6-year-old helped get Campbell County its first-ever K-9 unit

Before now, the Sheriff's Office was calling on surrounding agencies hours away for help

The Campbell County Sheriff's Office got its first K9 unit.

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – Campbell County now has three new fury protectors on the streets.

6-year-old Layla Meeks is part of the reason the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office can proudly show off its first-ever K-9 team.

For the last several months, the department has been working to get a K-9 unit and knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

That’s when the community stepped in, donating about $15,000 for the dogs. That includes Layla, who gave away her birthday money for the cause. $301 to be exact.

“I wanted the police dogs to have enough food and catch the bad guys, help their dads and change the bad guys’ hearts,” said Layla.

Layla’s mom, Lisa Meeks, says the kind gesture is just part of who Layla is.

“You know, most 6-year-olds would want American Girl dolls or spend their money. And she has no selfish bone in her body. She wanted to give it away and support other people” said Meeks.

Before this week, the Sheriff’s Office was calling on surrounding agencies hours away for help.

“On scene, if you have family members of a missing member and we’re standing around waiting for a dog. At the time it couldn’t been helped,” said Sgt. Robert Layne with the K-9 Unit.

Now, EMT-certified deputy Cameron Byrd and his 14-month old bloodhound will make a great team when it’s time to track people down.

“If we get to an Alzheimer’s patient or a child that’s injured, if we get their first, I can render aid or until the medics get there,” said Byrd.

The dogs started on Monday and the Sheriff’s Office is prepared to return the favor to the agencies who helped them out.