Liberty University launches contact tracing app, orders rapid testing as students return

University leaders said they're prepared in case of an outbreak

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Students at Liberty University start classes on Monday and university leaders say they’re prepared to handle a COVID-19 outbreak on campus if there is one.

School leaders asked students and staff to answer survey questions about potential exposure before coming back to campus.

There’s a quarantine site not too far from campus and the university’s IT department has launched an app for contact tracing.

Right now, the school is waiting for its rapid testing equipment.

“So, we’re looking for those to arrive next week and we can do rapid testing on demand, or as students feel comfortable to be tested, so we can give them a result within 20 to 30 minutes,” said Dr. Keith Anderson, executive director of health and wellness for Liberty University.

As of Wednesday, Liberty officials said no one had tested positive for COVID-19.