Roanoke community gives back to ‘The Wreath Guy’ to fix his car

David Hendren has been turning scraps into glorious works of art all around Roanoke for years

ROANOKE, Va. – You may know him as “The Wreath Guy” who turns scraps into glorious works of art all around Roanoke.

Last year, we told you about him as he made festive wreaths to brighten people’s homes, but this year, the community is stepping in to help warm his heart by donating to fix his car.

Attaching one pine cone at a time, David Hendren is back at it with his $20 handmade wreaths.

Last year, Hendren sold 710 wreaths, but business is a little slow this year as he has sold about 450 wreaths, so far. However, this time the money isn’t to keep a roof over his head.

Rather, it’s to fix his transmission in his 18-year-old car that broke in November.

“I didn’t really want to cry about it,” Hendren said. “You know it’s about rolling up your sleeves.”

With people buying fewer wreaths this year, Jean Quade wanted to help her new friend out.

“I’ve gotten to know him in three weeks,” Quade said. “I feel like he is one of my dear friends because he just has a heart of gold.”

Quade invited Hendren to her home so he could collect any yard foliage that could help his wreath designs.

That’s when she learned Hendren was driving less than 20 mph because his transmission was broken.

A couple of days ago, Quade created a GoFundMe with the hope to raise money for Hendren’s $2,500 car repair.

“He said I don’t want to have people give me huge amounts of money when there are more people in need than myself,” Quade said.

As of Wednesday afternoon, more than a thousand dollars was collected, and it stunned Hendren.

“I was just so blown away,” Hendren said. “Like I said once again the people of Roanoke wrap their arms around me.”

He will soon put his wreath making to rest as he plans to head to Florida to start his new construction job, but not until the end of Christmas Eve.

“People will come up to me when they purchase a wreath and say ‘you know, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a wreath from the wreath guy’ and I almost start balling right there because it makes my heart sing,” he said.

If you would like to buy a wreath from Hendren, he tends to sell them by the Roanoke Co-Op on Grandin Road. Otherwise, you can text or call him at 304-216-3164 to request one.

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