Virginia Tech international students spend holidays in Blacksburg

COVID-19 restrictions would prevent many of them from returning in the spring

BLACKSBURG, Va – While most of the Virginia Tech Hokies have left Blacksburg until January, there is a group of students who will be spending the holiday in their college town.

“I used to go back during the winter break in France to spend Christmas and New in the new year, like family. Parties family-related events there in France, but due to the COVID, nothing none of them will happen,” Virginia Tech Student David Alexandre said.

Because of COVID-19 travel restrictions, if Alexandre returned to his home in France he would not be able to return to the United States.

“It’s too risky given the fact that I’m almost done with my Ph.D. and they have a lot of work at this at this step., so I know I’m going to spend Christmas in the new year here in Blacksburg,” Alexandre said.

But despite the work he has put into his classes, it’s been a hard year for David and his family. He was not able to travel back to France when his grandmother passed away last month.

“It’s sad but I was kind of prepared, that when I came back to Blacksburg, I said, ‘Okay, I’m here until the end of my Ph.D. and then I’m still, and I have only one objective is finishing my Ph.D.’,” Alexandre said.

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