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Why are Pittslyvania County residents still paying a $120 trash fee?

The landfill is now making revenue, but residents still have to bail landfill out

CHATHAM, Va. – Despite making millions of dollars in revenue, Pittsylvania County’s landfill is still working to pay off a 10-year debt.

In 2018, residents started paying a $120 fee to pay the landfill’s operating costs.

This fee brings in about three million dollars a year for the landfill, but to gain revenue, Pittsylvania county opened their 450-acre landfill to other places like Bedford, Martinsville and Henry County.

Now, the landfill is making nearly two million dollars a year in revenue. However, the landfill is still in debt of more than $317,943.75 for cell expansion 10 years ago.

“It’s either incur a bunch of them, raise taxes and fees or find this creative way to generate revenue instead,” Pittsylvania County Public Relations Manager Caleb Ayers said.

Ayers said the debt will be paid off on the first of October.

He said the county has no intention to increase residents’ fees, but it will be a long time before they can remove it.

He added that by compacting more trash throughout 2020 the landfill’s longevity is now at 75 years.

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