Pittsylvania County voters to determine fate of sales tax increase that would benefit schools

This sales tax increase would result in approximately $3.3 million in annual revenue

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – The 2021 Virginia gubernatorial race won’t be the only thing Pittsylvania County residents will have to vote for this November. The county’s board of supervisors has stated their support for a proposed sales tax; however, they’re leaving the final decision to voters.

The 1% sales tax referendum is for school capital costs like renovations and construction.

“A lot of our schools in Pittsylvania County, especially our elementary schools are decades and decades old. So, they have some necessary maintenance needed. Things like roofs, HVAC units that don’t come cheap. The purpose of this is to leave it up to the voters,” explained Pittsylvania County Public Relations Manager Caleb Ayers.

This sales tax increase would result in approximately $3.3 million in annual revenue, said Ayers.

In addition to the sales tax, the board also approved the creation of a summer youth work program that will provide an eight-week internship opportunity for approximately 25 youth with various area agencies, including Pittsylvania County and Pittsylvania County Schools.

It has also supported the renaming of the 29 Business North Bridge in Blairs as the William H. Pritchett Memorial Bridge to honor the former Supervisor. Sworn into office in 1992, he was the first Black Supervisor and the first elected official for the Banister District.

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