Roanoke nurse gets hired after two years of rejection for disability

A rare genetic disorder forces her to be in a wheelchair

ROANOKE, Va – Facing rejection when you’re trying to land a job is hard for anyone, but imagine if you were told “no” because you have a disability.

A Roanoke nurse says that’s what happened to her when potential employers found out she was in a wheelchair.

For two years, the job hunt for Ryann Kress was difficult.

“I was just so tired of hearing no’s,” Kress said.

Despite having 15 years in emergency medicine and the nation facing an ongoing nursing shortage, Kress was surprised she was now struggling to find a job.

“Suddenly, I’m in a wheelchair and applying to do the exact same process and I’m getting zero callbacks,” she said.

Almost losing hope, a call came from Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital offering a job in the mother/baby unit.

The 18th try was the charm.

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