Seven candidates seeking GOP nomination in Virginia’s 2021 Governors Race

Saturday GOP leaders will host its convention to choose the nominee

Seven candidates vying for Republican Gubernatorial seat
Seven candidates vying for Republican Gubernatorial seat

ROANOKE, Va. – Republicans across the Commonwealth are looking to take back the governor’s office this November, but first, they will have to choose a candidate.

The seven hopeful nominees range in experience, including former Speaker of the House Delegates Kirk Cox.

“Without reopening all schools with really struggling with vaccine distribution on Virginia Employment Commission being 50th, you’ll see Kirk Cox turn that around very quickly,” Candidate Kirk Cox said.

Cox says his experience in Richmond politics sets him apart from the rest, he hopes to reunite the party if elected.

“I will tell you I think I’m the most electable come from the bluest Republican district in the state,” Cox said.

Also campaigning on experience in Richmond is Senator Amanda Chase.

“We as conservatives should not have to tolerate being bullied,” Chase said.

Chase has been outspoken on first and second amendment rights and hopes to advocate for constitutional conversations across the state.

“Anytime a conservative speaks were shut down, I’ve attended the January 6 rally and I said the people that I was with it was a peaceful protest and that they were patriots. I was censured for that,” Chase said.

Other front runners come from a business background, including Pete Snyder of Charlottesville.

“People care about the Commonwealth they care about the direction of our country, they care that our schools haven’t been open that our economy is stalled out,” Snyder said.

Snyder recently started a non-profit hoping to help businesses across the state recover from the pandemic.

“I’m not a career politician I’m an outsider small businessman who has what it takes to get our schools open our economy repaired and get Virginia leading again,” Snyder said.

Reopening business is also one of the top priorities of candidate Glenn Youngkin of Northern Virginia.

“We started out just grassroots, and over the course of the last kind of five to six weeks our momentum has grown at an extraordinary rate,” Youngkin said.

Youngkin has spent the last few days traveling southwest Virginia with high-profile Republicans like Ted Cruz.

“We’re going to get Virginia open and moving, we’re going to really work on making sure we’re protecting our constitutional rights. And oh by the way we’re going to support police and law enforcement,” Youngkin said.

Peter Doran, Sergio de la Peña and Octavia Johnson are also seeking the nomination.

We’ll bring you the latest on the GOP convention and its results this Saturday.

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