Parents, be alert: Health officials warn of burns from hot playground equipment

Even though it may not feel too hot outside, hot equipment could burn your child’s skin

Local health experts warn against hot playground equipment
Local health experts warn against hot playground equipment

ROANOKE, Va – As the temperatures start to rise, health officials are reminding parents to be on the lookout for hot playground equipment.

Health experts say it doesn’t take much for a child to get a burn from a hot piece of equipment.

Staff with Carilion Clinic say even if it feels like a nice day outside, parents should always check to make sure the playground isn’t too hot for their kids.

“Sometimes, you know, playground equipment can get hot really fast, even in weather that’s kind of about, in the 70s, the low 70s and you know it takes about 120 degrees before a child’s skin gets burned so in playground equipment can actually get hotter than that indirect sun,” Pediatric Trauma Coordinator Tanya Trevilian said.

One way to make sure the equipment is safe is to pour some water on the playground to make sure it won’t burn your child’s skin.

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