New River Valley health expert encourages outdoor holiday gatherings

Dr. Noelle Bissell suggest holding outdoor events

Health experts are warning about holiday travel this season.

NEW RIVER VALLEY, Va. – Health experts are warning about holiday travel this upcoming season.

Dr. Noelle Bissell of the New River Health District says we are reaching a level where there’s significant immunity between people who have been infected and those who are vaccinated.

However, you must remain cautious while traveling and gathering.

Bissell suggests holding outdoor events. If you must be inside, gather in a large, ventilated room.

“There is that risk assessment that has to happen. When we tend to gather over the holidays, we tend to have young and old; and each family has to do an evaluation of who’s going to be gathering, who’s vaccinated, where they’ll be gathering,” said Bissell.

She doesn’t expect to see a surge from Halloween, as most children will be trick or treating outside, but suggests you avoid carpooling with others.

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