Southside residents ride out snow brought on by winter storm

With sleet and freezing rain in the forecast, crews are working to make sure the light stay on.

DANVILLE, Va. – Some people took advantage of the snow in Danville.

Adults, young adults, and children sled downhill at Woodberry Hill Elementary.

Some even decided to show their skill and snowboard.

“This is actually my first time riding on this, I just lean forward and have fun,” Blake Hughes, a resident said.

Other folks couldn’t enjoy the cold weather as much.

“I had just woken up and took my phone off the charger, and the next thing I heard was BOOM,” said Jazlyn Henry, who lost power.

Kaleb Matherly also lost power.

“It sucks because I can’t play my favorite games like dragon city because there’s no internet,” said Matherly.

Danville Utilities had been working around 9 a.m. Sunday morning to ensure people who lost power could get it back. Representatives from the organization said, around 9:30 a.m. crews were sent to Terry Avenue and Davis Drive to restore power to about 18 customers.

Danville Utilities said power crews are ready to work 16-hour shifts to make sure the power can be restored as soon as possible. In fact, there are light crews from Florida in Danville ready to assist.

“We are thrilled to have JEA here in Danville especially the number of workers and trucks they sent to our area, we are pleased to have JEA come to Danville and assist us,” Arnold Hendrix with the City of Danville said.