Restaurants encouraging customers to get orders in ASAP for the Super Bowl

All Sports Café says they have been taking orders for the Super Bowl for the past two weeks

ROANOKE, Va. – The big game is just a couple of days away, and restaurants across Southwest Virginia are telling their customers to get food orders in now if they plan on getting take-out for the Super Bowl. Whether you are ordering wings, burgers, fries, or any other platter for your party, the sooner you place the order the better.

Allsports Café said it has been taking orders for the Super Bowl for the past two weeks. The restaurant only has a certain amount of wings and once they are gone, they can’t take any more orders.

“We will sell somewhere around 7,000 to 12,000 wings,” said Julie Atkins, the president of Allsports Café.

Atkins said it is a process to cook that many wings, so they will start cooking at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday.

“Every sauce that we sell here, we actually make by hand. So all of those have to be made and we are talking about gallons of it,” said Atkins.

Cast Plates & Pints in Roanoke said this Super Bowl is going to be different because it will also be celebrating Valentine’s Day, which means they are going to be extra busy this weekend.

They smoke all of their wings ahead of time and have a limited amount. Jeff Tate, the owner recommends ordering them before Friday.

“The preorders are going to have first availability for wings and we are just going to run until we run out,” said Tate.

Uncle D’s Take-Out said it will be offering chicken tenders, trays of lasagna, meatballs, and a long list of other items great for your Super Bowl party. Dan Curtis the owner of Uncle D’s says you need to have your orders in by the end of the day Friday to make sure you have all the food you will need for the big game.

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