New hub for helping heroes opens in Campbell County veterans community

The center will help those suffering from trauma and isolation

A hub for heroes: That's how one veterans group in Campbell County is describing their new community center

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – United States Army Veteran Adam Massie lives in one of the tiny homes being built at the National Center for Healthy Veterans in Campbell County.

He says without it, he doesn’t know where his life would be right now.

“It’s peaceful. It’s peaceful and it’s purposeful,” said Massie.

That purpose is to help return healthy veterans to society.

Steps away from Massie’s home is the new community center that was dedicated Monday.

It’s a multipurpose building with a main purpose.

“Helping [to] save veterans, man, like getting them out of that dirty spot [of mental health] and showing them that there’s more to life than just the funk that they’re in,” said Massie.

Massie and his fellow veterans will eat, exercise, do their laundry and gather for recovery programs.

General Jeff Horne, who oversees the day-to-day operations, says the center will help veterans heal from traumatic experiences and isolation by creating comradery.

“To get to this point ... it’s hugely emotional,” said Horne.

He explained it’s emotional because it’s a major milestone in turning the 340-acre dream into reality.

They’ve built eight homes so far and are working on the next 12 in their first veterans village.

The group will then move on to constructing four more villages like it.

Horne says they’re reshaping the future of healthcare for heroes.

“This is the chance to make it right,” said Horne.

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