Get a speeding ticket in an Altavista school zone? You might be off the hook

Police are working to correct some issues they have had with the new speeding cameras outside of the schools

Over 700 drivers were cited for speeding in the school zone.

ALTAVISTA, Va. – If you are one of the more than 700 people who got a speeding ticket in an Altavista school zone last month, you might be let off the hook.

Police said they are working to correct some issues with the new speeding cameras outside of the Altavista Combined School and Altavista Elementary School.

The cameras went live at the start of summer school, which was in session from June 6 to July 1.

Police said if you were ticketed outside of that time frame, you contact them to have your violation voided.

Police said there are a lack of signs on Frazier Road, Ogden Road, and Lakewood Road that all go into the Lynch Mill Road school zone. If you were issued a citation traveling from any of those roads into the school zone, you can also notify the police and have them dismiss the citation.

Police also said that school-zone lights were not flashing at times when they should have been. If this was the case in your citation, police are asking you to come to the department to fill out an affidavit, which will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Altavista Police are also warning of a speed camera violation scam – There have been reports of people getting fake tickets via email.

Police said if you receive a ticket via email, you should report it and should not open or respond to the email. They added that you will never get a speeding citation notice through email.

The cameras are intended to reduce speeding in school zones, police said, but they said they want to do so fairly, so they are taking measures to make up for the system’s mistakes thus far.

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