Roanoke area experts share how you can cut down on your A/C costs

We're working for you on how you can keep your energy costs down as temperatures go up

ROANOKE, Va. – When it’s sizzling outside, you might be quick to turn up the A/C, but that could mean a hefty bill coming your way.

Roanoke A/C experts shared some ways to cut down on A/C costs with 10 News.

Chris Mize with Service Experts said you can expect up to a 30 percent hike on your A/C bill this summer.

“Depending on the size of the unit and how long it runs, it can be in the hundreds,” Mize said.

Ted Puzio with Southern Trust Homes said you can start by closing the blinds.

“I see the biggest benefit is using ceiling fans,” Puzio said. “And keeping shades down, curtains drawn, especially during the heat of the day.”

But seasonal maintenance on your HVAC system is the first step Mize would recommend.

“I mean just a little bit of dust on the blower wheel or impacted coils can make the unit longer and run harder,” Puzio said. “Cost more on the light bill. Plus it can shorten the unit’s life dramatically.”

Switching out your system to a more updated one can be cost-effective.

Puzio said a customer recently saved 200 bucks on his light bill by upgrading.

“A young guy just bought a house and an old system,” Puzio said. “He replaced it with a new system and he called excited because he had such a big savings on his utility bill.”

Mize said this is a wise idea because in 2023 the government is raising efficiency standards for all new equipment.

“Ultimately it’s for the better because the equipment is more efficient and it cost less to operate,” Mize said. “But it kind of eliminates some options to replace a system at a more cost-effective level.”

Mize said the older units won’t be available after the first of the year, but manufacturers are starting to change their inventory now to get ready for the change.

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