Keep these things in mind if you’re posting back-to-school photos

Cybersecurity tips for parents posting first day of school pictures

Those cute photos may be giving away more than you think

ROANOKE, Va. – Parents, you may be eager to post photos of your children heading back to school, but be careful – that could turn into a hotbed for hackers.

It’s common for parents to take pictures of their kids holding signs that reveal their names, ages, and schools, but a Roanoke cybersecurity expert said local predators could use that information to target children in person.

“Post about your kids,” Mad Data IO Co-CEO Mary Hamilton said. “But, don’t put names in there. Don’t put the schools. Don’t put the grades. Don’t put their birthdays. Don’t put them in front of things that are going to have access to it.”

Not only could they use that information in person, but hackers could also capture the data to access personal and financial accounts.

The expert also suggests avoiding pictures that include a teacher, the school name, or the school bus they ride on.

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