Congress back in session, working to avoid potential shutdown

10 News political analyst says there is a lot both democrats and republicans will have to compromise on

Congress is working to avoid a potential government shutdown

ROANOKE, Va. – Congress is back in session this week and is working to avoid a potential government shutdown.

Federal funding ends on Sept. 30, which means Congress must pass a spending bill by then to avoid a shutdown.

10 News political analyst, Dr. Ed Lynch, said some points of contention which could slow down the passage of a spending bill include President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plans and monetary aid to Ukraine.

“Some members of congress, from both parties, are going to say, ‘Well heck, if you can throw away $500 billion on student loans, then why can’t I have this for my district? Why can’t I have this expensive item for my state?’” said Lynch.

Lynch also said members of Congress will be keeping the upcoming midterm election at the forefront of their minds when voting on government funding.

“It leads to a lot of frantic negotiating in the last days or hours of the fiscal year and that gives power to the most reluctant and the most uncooperative members of Congress,” said Lynch.

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