Virginia reflects on Queen’s ties with Commonwealth

The Queen’s last visit to Virginia was in 2007 after the Virginia Tech shooting

Her 70-year reign included several trips to Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. – “London Bridge has fallen” were the words said to the English Prime Minister today to confirm Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

The impact of her death has been felt around the world, including here in the Commonwealth.

“I feel like this will be felt particularly personally by Virginians,” Senator Tim Kaine said.

Marlene Koenig, an expert on the royal family, said that Virginia was the most visited state by the Queen.

“The British monarch coming to Virginia is an acknowledgment of how far we have come, and acknowledging our history as well,” Koenig said.

The Queen’s last visit in 2007 came after a dark time in Virginia’s history.

“She arrived in Virginia only a couple of weeks after the terrible shooting at Virginia Tech,” Kaine said. “She specifically asked if she could meet with family members who had been affected by that shooting.”

Her majesty came to celebrate Jamestown’s 400th birthday but took time to mourn.

“She understood that the visit was really a celebration, but she understood that there were also people undergoing a lot of pain and went to go and be with them for a couple of minutes,” Kaine said. “It really shows a lot about her character.”

The queen’s legacy will live on throughout Virginia’s history, from universities to even the names of the counties.

“There’s still a university that’s Royally charted,” Koenig said. “Even though it’s a state university, William and Mary, they still maintain this heritage.”

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