Rewarding local high school seniors with the first WSLS 10 Scholarships

College can get expensive but WSLS 10 wants to help with $2,000 scholarships

ROANOKE, Va. – College can get expensive but WSLS 10 wants to help. For the first time, there are two WSLS 10 scholarships for high school seniors. They are $2,000 each.

Twenty-six counties and dozens of cities—that’s how big the WSLS 10 coverage area is. It’s made up of thousands of people, and many of them are teens.

“We have amazing high schoolers and talent in this region. We just need to be there to support them. But just thinking of my kids, and the children they bring over, I’m amazed. This generation is just phenomenal, just outstanding. Public service is kind of embedded in them as well, and I just want to help them thrive and be part of that journey,” explained Jaimie León, WSLS 10 Vice President and General Manager.

The thought of sending a kid to college right now can be daunting, and León has teenagers. We asked how she is dealing with that right now as a parent.

“There are so many dynamics, as you know, right? They’re gonna leave, you kind of go, ‘What am I gonna do? What’s my focus?’ but the cost is usually the number one thing kind of unfortunately, that kind of scrolls up to the top of the list, and it should be more about you know, helping the child develop on this new journey. So that’s when we said the scholarship can at least help alleviate some of that initial, that we as parents think about, so we can concentrate on helping our children and developing them and kind of leading them in the direction they want to go versus not worrying about the cost as much,” said León.

You qualify if you are:

  • A high school senior
  • Involved in school activities like theatre, robotics or scholastic bowl, or sports
  • Doing volunteer work
  • Have decent grades

“We want to reward responsibility and teamwork and children just showing leadership roles early on,” said León.

You can find the application here:

You have until March 31 to get your application in. Good luck!

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