Attorney General Miyares speaks at Liberty University’s Convocation

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Republican Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares spoke at Liberty University’s Convocation on Wednesday.

The meeting brings university students in twice weekly to worship and hear from community and well-known leaders.

“It’s an amazing production,” Miyares said. “I have to say it’s a little intimidating getting up on stage in front of 10,000 young people, but it was great feedback from the students and it was a real, real honor and treat to share a little bit of my thoughts.”

While on stage, Miyares shared stories of his past, including his mother’s immigration from Cuba.

“If there’s anything I want them to take away, it’s a sense of gratitude and how they blessed they are compared to so many other people that wish they have the opportunities that they do,” Miyares said.

Miyares encouraged students to step outside of their comfort zone to reach their goals.

“When you learn the most character, when you grow the most, is when you are stretched,” Miyares said.

Student Sarah Rogers studies government at the university. She’s grateful to the university for bringing in Miyares and other leaders to learn from.

“It’s an experience that not many people get to have,” Rogers said. “We have a very large network of people who come and speak, and a lot of big names, too.”

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