STS Group AG officially coming to Salem’s old GE plant

The headquarters will bring 119 jobs

SALEM, Va. – The Old General Electric building in Salem has been claimed. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced Thursday the $32 million investment by STS Group AG, a global supplier of vehicle parts.

“We’re thrilled,” Mayor of Salem Renee Ferris Turk said. “It’s going to be a great, great accomplishment and moving forward it’s going to be something that the entire Valley will be glad that we have here in Salem.”

Bulldozers are a happy sight for many in the Roanoke valley, especially after GE shut down back in 2019.

“The hurt that happens when something like this closes and goes is tough,” Turk said. “Now there are still some people working in the building but it’s still a hard thing to digest.”

Now, the German group STS is establishing it’s North America headquarters in Salem bringing 119 jobs. At one time, GE had 3,000 people working at it.

Economic Development Director Tommy Miller said this is a step in the right direction, and the company does have plans to grow.

“Nine months we’ve been working on this project,” Miller said. “We’re glad to see it finally come to fruition and supported in its next phase, we should see around 2024 this time next year, full production.”

STS already plans to supply Volvo in Pulaski County and other vehicle-manufacturing plants across the country.

“We are right here on the interstate,” Turk said. “It’s close for them to be able to transport whatever they need to. We are a city that is growing and getting larger every day, our population has gone up, and we’re just we’re ready to do business.”

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