Consumer Reports: How to Get Better Sleep

The start to a better night sleep lies in your bed

With the clock change, you might be having challenges falling asleep and staying asleep. We all love getting more sun from the time change, but that extra sunlight can mess with your sleep.

The start to a better night’s sleep lies in your bed. First, think about your mattress. Consumer Reports says if it is 7 to 10 years old, it is time for an upgrade. Tanya Christian with CR recommends the Denver Mattress Doctors Choice Plush.

She also says to think about the temperature of your room and your bedding. The cooler, the better.

“You want breathable bedding. So 100% cotton, linen is great for that. That’s because the optimal sleep temperature in your bedroom is 65 degrees. You want a cooler bedroom environment,” says Christian.

She says if your body temperature is too hot, you are going to toss and turn and most likely, wake up.

Christian also says a great pillow is equally important. You want one that is going to support your back and your neck. CR recommends the sleep number ultimate pillow.

Christian says the best way to adjust to the time change is light. She says to expose yourself to light as early as possible because light signals to the body that it is time to wake up. If you are waking up before the sun, Tanya recommends a sunrise alarm clock.

Christian says, “A sunrise alarm clock simulates the sunrise, and so that light tells your body it is time to wake up. So it kind of gets you up without being jarring. You don’t have to hear that loud noise from an alarm clock wake you up.”

CR also recommends blackout curtains if you are going to bed early with the later sunset.

If you are someone who can’t go to bed in complete silence or live in a loud environment, consider a white noise maker. They can block out noise or give you that steady hum that some people need to fall asleep.

The biggest mistake that people make when trying to fall asleep is being on their phone too late. Any kind of screen time is something that you want to be mindful of.

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Brittany Wier joined the 10 News team as the morning reporter in August 2021.