Mobile healthcare units serving Rockbridge County

ROCKBRIDGE CO., Va. – Healthcare is on the road – becoming more accessible and affordable in Rockbridge County.

A health center in Lexington has two mobile units that are taken into rural areas to provide services.

One of the units is designed for dental care, housing a panoramic dental X-ray.

“We can do full service. Anything from root canals, crowns, extractions, cleanings, fillings. So anything we can do at the home base we can do out in the mobile unit,” Stuart Fargiano, Director of Dental Services said.

The other unit will provide state-of-the-art components for medical care.

The units have traveled to different parts of Rockbridge County and will run on separate days and locations.

”We’re helping the area by helping the community that doesn’t have transportation. That’s probably the biggest barrier we have to care when we did a community needs assessment,” Michael Henry, Medical Director of Rockbridge Area Health Center said. ”I’ve had patients who’ve walked, I’ve had patients who have ridden on their lawn mower to come see us, because that’s the only mode of transportation they have.”

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