Sexually explicit books removed from Lexington school library following complaints from parents

LEXINGTON, Va. – Lexington City Schools is taking action after parents said they found sexually explicit books in Lylburn Downing Middle School.

“I was just appalled honestly. I had no idea the books were that bad,” said one mother, who wished to remain anonymous, whose child attends LDMS.

The books in question are “It’s Perfectly Normal” by Robie Harris and “Kiss Number 8″ by Colleen Venable.

According to Lexington City Schools Superintendent Rebecca Walters, both books were in the middle school’s library until recently.

She said both books were deselected from the library’s collection within the last week and a half.

Walters said both books were previously donated to the school.

“It’s Perfectly Normal” details puberty and different types of sexual intercourse, along with pictures showing different sex positions and diagrams of genitalia.

One LDMS mother tells 10 News she was shocked to hear this kind of material was at her daughter’s school.

“I don’t want my child even thinking about sex in middle school,” she said.

The second book, “Kiss Number 8″ is a graphic novel that parents said sexualizes Jesus.

One page reading, “I have the hots for that sculpture of Jesus.”

In a statement to 10 News, Walters said the books were removed because,

“We found graphic and explicit illustrations not appropriate for our middle school library and content that does not align with our approved family life curriculum and resources.”

Rebecca Walters

The superintendent’s statement continues,

We are now reviewing and revising our book selection criteria and drafting updated policies to better reflect how books are selected and how we will handle any book challenges or removals. Any books that have been submitted for request for reconsideration are under review until the school board can review and consider these new policies and procedures.”

Rebecca Walters

These policies are set to be discussed at the next school board meeting scheduled for Oct. 3.

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