Fleming looks to be dynamic offensively in 2018

New head coach Jamar Lovelace instilling a greater work ethic

ROANOKE, Va. – The last time William Fleming had a winning season was in 2014, but since then, they've only been in the win column seven times. But there seems to be some W's on the horizon with new head coach Jamar Lovelace. 

"Before we can step out on the field and expect to win, we got to believe that we can win and we got to have a belief in how we're working," said Lovelace.

"So, that's kind of been the focus here so far -- not only, you know, going through practice but how we're practicing.

Since being introduced in March, Lovelace has been busy building an off-season full of success. The former E.C. Glass assistant brought three other coaches with him from the Hill City to the Star City -- in an effort to bring a winning culture to a program that has just two seniors. 

"Huge blessing to get those guys in the building, they'll all be in the building working as well so they won't be just coaching but they'll be contributing to the building as well academically," Lovelace said. 

Senior wide receiver and defensive back, Lawon Jones, added, "We're not the same team as last year. The past is the past and we're coming for it this year."

One of the biggest differences that players say they've seen thus far is the amount of work ethic that goes into practice. It's actually more of a gritty and intense feeling from coach Lovelace and his staff and they hope it will translate to Friday nights.

"It's a whole different movement from last year because of the coach. But other than that it's Fleming football like always," said senior defensive end Ramal Weldon. 

Lovelace says we can expect to see a quick, dynamic looking offense this fall and a defense that boasts speed. 

"We don't want to be predictable and we want to be able to spread the field out and make guys defend us all around the field," said Lovelace.

As the season opener against state runner-up Heritage approaches, William Fleming continues to put in the work at practice to restore the "Colonel Pride" on Friday nights.

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