Eagles continue to build under coach J.R. Edwards

Franklin County coming off 4-7 season

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – Coach J.R. Edwards enters his fourth year at Franklin County. He continues to move the team in an upward trajectory.  The Eagles went 4-7 last year, boasting a talented quarterback in Kaleb Smith and a complimentary running back in Shaun Manns. Despite having to fill those two rolls, the emphasis entering the season is being more physical on defense to help compliment the offensive success.

"Putting that physical stamp on football, I try to tell these guys that other teams that might have a lot of talent, sometimes that physical play is the great equalizer. And if we can manage to be physical, then we can be in any football game," Edwards said.

 "You know, first year, you know we went 4-6. I mean, that's not bad, but we can do better. I expect more out of us this year," defensive tackle William Hairston said.

"Defense always gives offense confidence. If the offense has a bad drive, and the defense comes in and makes a big play, forces a fumble or gets a turnover, it just hypes the offense up and keeps them moving," quarterback Shane Grindstaff said.

This will be Franklin County's last season competing in the Piedmont District, and they will transition to the Blue Ridge District in 2019. The Eagles welcome Liberty in their opener on August 24.