HS Camp Tour-William Byrd Terriers

Coach Highfill in his 38th and final season as Terriers coach

VINTON, Va. – The 1st and 10 camp tour takes us to William Byrd, where the Terriers are coming off a 9-2 campaign that ended with an early exit in the playoffs.  It's coach Jeff Highfill's 38th year at the helm of the Byrd program, and he's announced it will be his last. Despite losing star running back Larry Basham, the Terriers have 16 returning starters joining him on his farewell tour. Twelve of those starters are seniors who won't be satisfied unless they make a serious playoff push.

"While it was obviously a great year we had a bitter taste at the end with the playoffs. We just didn't think we went in with a real good attitude in the playoffs. I know we have 12 seniors back and they all had great attendance in the weight room, and they all came back a lot bigger and stronger. I think they're really focused on making sure the teams attitude stays on the positive side of it, so like I said, it was a great year but that's the one thing at the end I think a little bit of a bitter taste," HIghfill said.

"We had a great season last year but obviously came up a little bit short with the first round playoff loss. It was not really how we wanted to end the season, so the regular season is important but we're really striving towards is this year is going farther in the postseason," Terriers quarterback Sam Dantzler said.

"It's good for us. Because we have a lot of experience and we're all close on this team. No big egos this year, just good teammates," William Byrd lineman Matt Hale said.

The Terriers open the season at Cave Spring on Aug. 24.