Fuente says team's adversity has only brought them together

Hokies had their first losing season since 1992 in 2018

BLACKSBURG, Va.- –  A Sports Illustrated report on Virginia Tech football's struggles in 2018 and the wave of transfers during the offseason quotes members of the Hokies as saying some of their teammates tried to lose the final game of the 2018 season against Marshall. 

Their reasoning? To avoid playing another bowl game. 

Head coach Justin Fuente did not comment on the article directly Thursday but did address the challenge of overcoming the obstacles this team has faced. 

"They've been through adversity, and that can do one of two things. And when you go through hard times, either it separates you or brings you closer together," Fuente said. "I think it's definitely brought those kids closer together. It's been fun to watch them, how they responded in the offseason and now into fall camp." 

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