Auburn’s Ethan Millirons leading Eagles into 2020

Millirons is averaging 22 points a game

RINER, Va. – Star point guard Ethan Millirons is the ultimate team player for Auburn High School.

“I play as hard as I can, all I care about is winning the ball game. I don’t really care about stats or anything. I just want to get the win,” Millirons said.

After a stand out freshman year averaging 18 points and 4.3 assists a game, it seems like he hasn’t missed a beat.

“At the end of my freshman season, I knew I had some things to work on. I needed to get stronger, I needed to improve my defense, improve shooting and everything,” he said. “I felt like this summer I took care of that somewhat. This season, I really want to improve on what I did last year stats wise and keep getting better in every aspect of the game.”

“He’s done a great job with it,” head coach Terry Millirons said. “He’s averaging 22 points a game, almost 5 assists a game, with a lot of attention thrown his way every game. It’s been impressive with what he’s been able to do this far. We look to him to do a little bit of everything for us.”

The Eagles are currently 8-6 overall and 3-1 in the Mountain Empire District under head coach Terry Millirons, who happens to be the husband of volleyball coach Sherry Millirons.

It’s no wonder a kid who grew up in a gym is so good at basketball.

“I guess just from always being out here, shooting all the time,” Ethan said. “My dad’s always told me to push the ball up the court, try to get shots in transition so the defense can’t set up and just move all the time so they don’t know where I’m at.”

But at the end of the day, a team player always has his eye on the prize.

“Win as many games as we can, play as hard as we can, and see what happens.”

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