A football team that’s more like family: The reality for Martinsville coaching duo

‘It’s allowed him to be a father and me be a son.’

A father-son coaching duo are entering their fourth season together

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – Martinsville defensive coordinator B.J. Martin has always had a particular coach by his side--whether as a football and basketball player for G.W. Danville or even now as a coach himself. While he may make a few tweaks, he can trust the plays being called--because they’re coming from his own dad.

“As a dad, as a father, and as a coach it doesn’t get any better,” said Bulldogs head coach Bobby Martin.

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” said B.J.

The duo is entering their fourth season together in Southside bouncing ideas off of each other.

“I hear him saying things I say and I don’t have to tell him to say it and the energy and effort he brings is real rewarding,” said Bobby Martin, the reigning 1st and 10 Coach of the Year.

The benefits that have come from this coaching duo are the ultimate victory for both the Martin and Bulldogs families.

“It’s allowed him to be a father and me be a son as well as coaching alongside each other,” B.J. said. “I think that’s more important for me. Just for them to see an example--we’re not perfect but at the end of the day we’ll always be on one accord.”

“Now my wife and daughter as well we’re all here together, all here together and it’s been a joy and I’m thankful. I’m trying not to cry,” Martin said as he eventually gave way to tears.

B.J. even touched on the irony of having played for his dad and now coaching with him.

“You grow up in it so much then you try to get away from it just to come back to it,” said B.J. “I think that’s the kick.”

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